Piano Lessons Milwaukee

Piano Lessons...

In Your Home or Mine!

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Piano Lessons Milwaukee

Piano Lessons...In Your Home or Mine!

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"Mr. Kaspar is a great piano teacher! There’s no such thing as a boring piano lesson when he’s the teacher because he always makes the lessons fun. It is great to learn from someone who really knows how to teach and who’s love for playing the piano really shows! He is always willing to bring in a wide range of music for me to learn and he’s always showing me something new. His teaching has prepared me for playing in front of audiences of all sorts, which has helped gain the skills and confidence needed to play the piano outside the lessons. He is inspiring!"

- Taylor Dei


In Your Home: $26
(1/2 hour lesson)

In My Home: $20
(1/2 hour lesson)

"Mr. Kaspar is a great piano teacher! He knows a lot about music and enjoys teaching piano.
He helps you understand music better if it is hard to play. He has been my teacher for 5 years and I
have learned a lot from him."

- Allie Dei

"Mr. Kaspar is a great teacher! He makes the lessons fun with his great sense of humor. I love learning from him because he can adapt to my busy schedule and will help me with extra piano music that I wish to learn."

- Nathan Anonuevo

"Mr. Kaspar has been my piano teacher since I was around 8 or 9 years old and still is at age 15. He has taught me so much over the years and I’ve improved immensely with his help. His humor adds fun to our lessons and he gets me music that I want to play. I enjoy his lessons and love his teaching methods, there is no one I’d like to teach me piano more."

- Dustin Knecht

"Mr. Kaspar is a fine piano instructor. He tries to keep the lesson light and humorous even though some of his jokes aren’t funny, he still tries. I like that along with the piano books and sheet music he provides he still lets me choose songs I want to learn. He’s been my teacher for years and I’m glad!"

- Elaina Knecht

"Playing the piano had always been one of my desires, but I felt I did not have the time to invest in taking lessons. Because of the love I have for music, I would repeatedly try to teach myself, without much success, forever staying in lesson one of an adult piano lesson book. My husband encouraged me to take lessons, so I sought after a piano teacher who would accept an adult, complete beginner student like me. That is when I met Ron Kaspar. Being a busy adult, I was initially afraid to take lessons, because I wondered if I would be teachable and did not want to fail. Ron has been extremely encouraging throughout the lessons I have had with him. He has taught me much about music theory and playing the piano. My husband is always commenting on how much I am improving. I am very thankful for finding a piano teacher like Ron, who has never been judgemental, but always encouraging me toward the next level."

- Terry Badura

"What a pleasure it is to be taking Piano Lessons from Ron Kaspar. I am a adult player, that has resumed piano after a gap of several decades. I have been studying under Ron for the past 1.5 years and I love it! Ron is a fantastic piano teacher and a good person. Both my daughter and I have been taking lessons with him and are at different levels. It is hard to believe how fast that half hour lesson goes by. My description of his abilities and skills begins first of with his competency as a pianist, his ability to impart to a student the qualities of music appreciation, his humor, flexibility and appreciation and drive to progress. A lesson would not be a lesson without the attention of Simon, Ron’s faithful mascot."

- Jan and Jolee Zizzo

Piano Lessons Milwaukee

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